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About T-CEP

The Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (T-CEP) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to help the Topanga community prepare for and cope with disasters such as wildfires, floods, & earthquakes.

In 1993, California suffered one of the worst fire years in its history. Twenty-one separate wildfires raged in Los Angeles , Orange , Riverside , San Bernardino , San Diego and Ventura Counties between October 26 and November 7. It was November 2nd when the Topanga/Malibu fire blazed for 3 days on a trek from its origin in Old Topanga Canyon to the shores of Malibu and back again . It was a fierce, fast and frightening fire. Many residents found themselves in motels or shelters, separated from their homes, families and pets. They watched the media play guessing games with their lives and fortunes as they listened to the erroneous reports on the progress of the fire. No one could be certain of the outcome until the ordeal was over.

T-CEP Is Born
As the last of the ashes were settling, a small group of residents felt it was time to prepare for what it means to live in a place like Topanga - a place of beauty and danger. Thus the Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (T-CEP) was born. Since its inception, T-CEP has acquired its non-profit status, opened an Emergency Operations Center ( EOC ), and has developed a communications system to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute information to canyon residents and businesses during emergencies. T-CEP is made up of community volunteers dedicated to helping Topanga Canyon prepare for, respond to, and recover from the inevitable disasters that occur be it fire, flood, or earthquake.

T-CEP is reliant on generous donations from the community. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please mail it to:

P.O. Box 1708, Topanga, CA 90290.

Call the Hotline at 310-455-3000 for more information



Contact T-CEP:    310-455-3000
P.O. Box 1708    Topanga, CA 90290